Reduction With Mindfulness

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Weight reduction with Mindfulness

For Weight Reduction you will be working with a Registered Dietitian who has been there and has a sincere understanding of how difficult day to day life is whilst being obese and even more so the trials that trying to lose weight can bring.

As a Registered Dietitian I will go through various diets and lifestyles changes available and together we will find one that works for you and your lifestyle and your needs.

However, this only works on the body. The reasons we overeat can also be psychological in nature working with a Registered Dietitian and  Mindfulness Teacher can bring about a balance between body and mind that will ensure new changes are sustainable.

You will spend 8 face-to-face hours with a Registered Dietitian over 6 months. This will include regular guidance weigh-ins and ongoing support

Right-Mindfulness for holistic health and wellbeing helps you to:


- Form new relationships with difficult emotions

- Reduce stress, anxiety and traumas

- Increase tolerance, compassion and empathy in relationships

- Increase self-esteem/self-image

- Increase focus and productivity at work.

What you will learn:

- Traditional meditation techniques from Buddhist Wisdom; i.e. the correct way of using mantras, malas with the combination of the science behind mind-body connection including biofeedback mechanisms, guided meditation, Tai Chi and Qi Gong and their impact on alleviating mental and physiological distress.

What will you get from the Mindfulness Course 

- Manage stress and anxiety more efficiently

- Self-control during life challenges

- Self-discipline when undertaking lifestyle change

- Self-knowledge in developing plan of actions for sustaining optimal health and wellbeing

- Self-growth in actualising one's talent and creativity


Previous feedback was that participants wanted more time to experience and practice what they had learned in the lessons the lessons.

We have evolved the 8-week course to last 11-weeks which includes 8 two-hourly face-to-face sessions and 3 telephone reviews spaced out over the 11 weeks.

Plus 3 - 1hour  face to face follow-ups spanning over 1 year after the 11-week course to ensure full support and to help polish your meditation practice


  • 8 hours of face-to-face contact with a registered Dietitian over a 6 months period (compared to 45 mins with NHS over 6 months)

  • 16 hours of face-to-face contact with a Mindfulness practitioner over 8 weeks 

  • 3 hours of face-to-face follow up appointments after the initial 8 week course