Preparing and Transforming our Fear, Anxiety, Doubt, Guilt through Meditation Medicine - the Prayer of the Heart

The globalisation of COVID-19 is imminent. Its global impact creates great fear and panic.


Damaging Social and Professional structures, healthcare systems and everything that we know that make us feel human its collapsing, leading to economic uncertainty and insecurity for everyone. 


Recent concerns about the fast spreading of COVID-19 forced the government to introduce life saving measures to protect the population by enforcing social-isolation system.

However, social isolation can reduce and damage an individual's physical, mental, emotional and transpersonal (spiritual) health. It is important to understand that fear, panic, doubt and anxiety reduce and greatly weaken our immune-system, which leave us vulnerable not only to common cold, but perhaps even COVID-19. 


The initial fear of COVID-19  may have already reduced our immune-system by activating our Flight and Fight response. So meditation can rebalanced and re-calibrated this response. A positive side effect of meditation is lower cortisol level (stress levels) equalling better immune-system.


Perpetual Equilibrium can help everyone with preparing and rebooting one's immune-system with the practice of heart-coherence technique. The heart-coherence technique is a heart-based meditation that was performed by the very first Sufis, Christians and Buddhists thousands of years ago.


Today, the heart-coherence is a healing method that can be practiced by anyone. I had the honour to learn this technique with the great Sikh Master Dav Panesar from Gurmat Therapy in Warwickshire, who was able to recover a similar form of this heart-coherence technique from its Sikh lineage.  Dav is my Master, my teacher and my academic collaborator who transferred great knowledge to me, and gives me permission to access his tradition and lineage. 

Perpetual Equilibrium is leading live 30 meditation sessions from Monday to Thursday at 8pm GMT to help individuals with this global phenomenon.


We have a choice, we can either resist it or accept this life changing situation. Resisting it or trying to take control will amplify our suffering and leave us vulnerable.  However, accepting that we are not in control will alleviate our suffering,  Acceptance begins with mental clarity only possible through regular meditation to deactivate the flight or fight mode.

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